Update Corona virus

Because of the COVID-19 situation, the office operates as follows:

The 1st session usually takes place through an encrypted video conference application. When we have planned the appointment,
further details will be send. Fortunately enough it’s very simple and safe.

All the other sessions can either take place thru video conference or meeting in nature for a walk, with of course the usual 1,5 meter distance

EMDR sessions can also be done online with an encrypted application.

Feel very welcome especially in these taxing times.

therapist and coach in Bussum

In a constantly changing world, where high standards are set, it is important to know oneself.  To know the limits of what you can influence and for what you can accept responsibility. That is what will enables you to live more freely. In my view you are the one that has the best understanding of your own life and you what’s best for you.  I can help you to reflect, to become aware of the patterns in your life and to make steps towards your goals. Togehter w’ll cooperate to create progress in (certain aspects of) your life. This is the way I see it; we embark upon a journey together, a journey that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Ready to go ? ….

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Psychologist, Coach and Healer in Bussum


Psychological assistance , Coaching & EMDR
Sometimes you just don’t feel that good.  You feel depressed, notice burn-out symptoms or even phsysical problems occur. I will help you to get a grip on your life and restore a positive balance. Also if you could use  some help to grow, develop or change your personal and/or your proffesional life, you’ve come to the right place.
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Couple Therapy – EFT
Our intimate relationship encounters a lot of pressure in these hectic times. There is so much to do, work personal development, children, hobbies and friends. The attention for romance tends to slip away, causing risks and uncertainties.  Sometimes our love relationship just needs maintenance of even saving..
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Business Coaching
Lasting vitality is an important point of interest for every entrepreneur,  employer and employee. People who work from strength and personal motivation are key to succes.  Because of this, there will be  less jobhopping, absence through illness or the inability to work and more involvement. Sometimes external support is helpful or even neccesary. (Team) Coaching can make a difference…
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